2019 Kubota M6060 4WD HDC (Cab)


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M6060 4WD HDC (Cab)


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FRONT HITCH: With two Kubota exclusive 4-point quick connect front hitch options, attaching front implements like blades, sweepers, snow blowers and flail mowers has never been easier. With a choice between a manual and fully auto front hitch, Kubota answers your needs for versatility. Implements available include 62, 64, 72, & 74 in. utility snow blower options; 74 & 80 in. commercial snow blower options; 60, 72, & 84 in. front blade options; 60 & 72 in. rotary sweeper options; 72 in. flail mower.
TRANSMISSION: Kubota’s transmissions are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the speed and torque to meet your needs. HST Plus Transmission - 3-range HST Plus transmission is easy to operate and comes with many other features to increase tractor productivity. 1) Auto Throttle Advance - Automatically increases engine RPMs when transmission speed increases, then decreases engine RPMs when transmission speed decreases. 2) Hydrostatic Dual Speed (HDS) - Allows for Hi-Low ranges in addition to the 3-Range HST which allows you to choose a lower or higher set of speeds within each of the main Hi-Medium-Low ranges. 3) Auto HDS - Automatically adjusts the HDS depending on how much load the tractor is taking on.
DESIGNED TO PERFORM: The Grand L60 Series is designed with strength and durability in mind. 1) Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer of under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines in the World. 2) Common Rail System (CRS) – The CRS system delivers greater fuel savings, less engine noise and vibration and better emissions, while still maintaining a high level of power and torque. 3) Kubota Performance Matched – The Grand L60 Series is built by Kubota for Kubota, it’s not a rebranded product built and distributed by multiple manufacturers. 4) Metal Hood and Fenders – Strong and durable metal hood and fenders will not only protect your equipment, but keep it looking good for a long time to come.
PREMIUM TRACTOR: The Grand L60 Series is designed with deluxe features for optimum comfort. 1) Spacious Operator’s Station – Easy to get on and off with plenty of leg room to increase operator comfort. 2) Modern Dash Panel (ROPS Models) – Easy-to-read with all the information displayed right in front of the operator. 3) IntelliPanel Display (Cab Models) – Stay up-to-date with our easy-to-read display, showing all of your information right in front of you. 4) Easy-to-Use Controls – Simple controls that are easy to understand and operate, even for first time users. 5) Kubota Treadle Pedal Design – Effortlessly change speed and direction using Kubota’s forward and reverse treadle pedals. 6) Deluxe Suspension Seat with Armrest– Increases operator comfort. 7) Tilt Steering Wheel – Allows you to adjust the steering wheel for maximum comfort. 8) Rubber Floor Mat – Reduces noise and vibration, creating a more comfortable ride while decreasing fatigue. 9) Cab & ROPS Version – Available with either economical ROPS or the comfort of a climate-controlled cab. 10) Transmission Options – With a choice between the Kubota built, easy-to-use HST Plus, Glide Shift (GST) or Fully Synchronized (FST) transmission, you’re sure to find the right balance of speed and torque to get your job done quickly and efficiently. 11) Cruise Control – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the treadle pedal. 12) Hydraulic Live-Independent PTO – Easy-to-use, no clutching or stopping. 13) Ready for a Long Day – Standard cup holder, tool box and large fuel tank capacity. 14) Power Steering – Hydrostatic power steering to increase smooth operation in tight turns.
BUILT TO LAST: With a Kubota built powertrain, metal hood and fenders, and cast-iron axles the Grand L60 Series is designed and built with longevity in mind, keeping up with Kubota’s reputation for quality, durability and reliability.
KUBOTA VERSATILITY: With a huge selection of Kubota Performance Matched implements and attachments, Kubota has what you need to get your work done. No matter if it is a front end loader, backhoe, front or rear snow blower or a 3-point implement, Kubota has the right tool for the job.
KUBOTA REPUTATION FOR QUALITY: Kubota is known for its quality, reliability and longevity – you can’t fake a good reputation, it can only be awarded to you by your satisfied customers.
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